Branded Packing Lists – Add a Personalized Touch!

An e-commerce shopping experience is unique.  There is no store, usually no sales associate or personal attention, the shopping experience relies on the design of the web site and shopping cart and on the final delivery of the product.  As an order fulfillment company, we realize that the impression our client’s customers get when opening their package is often the single largest opinion driver of that e-commerce site.  Therefore, we take great care to insure that orders not only get delivered timely and accurately, but also have some TLC with the way they are packaged and presented.  One piece of this includes the packing list.  Our system has the ability to customize a packing list to each of our e-commerce fulfillment clients.  We can attach notes, information and even logos and graphics to help our clients brand their packing list and use every chance possible to make a solid impression with their customers.

E-commerce order fulfillment is all about speed and accuracy, but never loose track of the fact that when customers open that package, they are getting an impression of your web site and a big impact on the overall experience.  Pay attention to the little details and use the packing list to re-enforce your brand!