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Customized e-Fulfillment Services – What Are Your Needs?

By December 26, 2012November 16th, 2020e-Commerce Fulfillment, Third Party Logistics

It seems like no two e-commerce fulfillment clients are alike.  You can buy nearly anything on the web today and one of the advantages of online shopping is ease of using search engines to find the e-commerce sites that sell exactly what you want.  However, in the fulfillment world, this diversity creates complexity as  the vast major it of this wild world of products needs eventually to be packaged and shipped the same way, through a limited number of methods….UPS, FedEX and USPS.  In addition, as a third party provider, TAGG has to develop an effective and efficient way to process all this variety quickly and cheaply!

We learned from the very beginning that flexibility is import.  No two e-commerce clients are alike.  Recently, we had a fast growing client that sells a joint supplement.  If their product is exposed to freezing temperatures, its consistency changes.  Since a large amount of their volume is e-commerce driven, when TAGG is fulfilling orders from their shopping cart, we include in our fulfillment process a heat pack to keep the package above freezing during transit.

One of the great advantages of selling on-line is that you can sell a broad range, or unique line, of products without a large fixed overhead.  However, to make this possible, sometimes you need an e-fulfillent process to be structured to handle variability.  That is what we strive to achieve at TAGG for our e-commerce clients.