Don’t Be a Lazy Dog During the Dog Days of Summer

By July 16, 2013November 16th, 2020TAGG News

July and August tend to be some of the lowest volume months in the logistics world.  What better time to evaluate your supply chain and make changes to improve efficiencies and cut costs?  Besides the back-to-school bump, most everyone in logistics is resting up for the upcoming holiday rush.  At TAGG, the distribution side starts first.  We begin to receive overseas containers towards the end of summer.  Product from these is then sent to the distribution centers (DC) for the retailers who sell our client’s product.  From those DCs, product finds it’s way to the stores.  This process starts in August and September.  The fulfillment side at TAGG happens more in real-time.  Direct-to-consumer fulfillment, such as e-commerce or efulfillment or direct response mail or TV, avoids several steps in the supply chain.  This means, product is received at TAGG and can be immediately marketed on a web-site.  The fulfillment holiday season really starts a month or so in front of cyber Monday as we begin inbounding greater volumes and stocking the racks for the Holidays.

All this means that after August, things get very busy.  So don’t be a lazy dog and procrastinate….now is a great time to evaluate!!!!