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Flash Sales &
Daily Deal Fulfillment

E-Commerce Fulfillment at the Speed of NOW!

We always offer lightning-fast processing and ship times, even for 1-day or limited inventory sales

Flash sales and daily deals can be a tough nut to crack. By nature they’re high volume, fast-paced, and constantly changing. How is a fulfillment provider supposed to keep up with the velocity of orders coming in and going out, not to mention managing an inventory that can change by the day?

At TAGG Logistics, we specialize in speed. We know our client’s—and their customers—have a waiting tolerance that’s only getting shorter and shorter. That’s why we deliver e-commerce fulfillment for flash sales and daily deals at the speed of NOW!

Flash Sale Fulfillment

A flash sale is an e-commerce business model in which a website offers a specific number of products for sale for a limited time only, typically at a highly discounted price. The flash sale market is rapidly growing with more and more people turning to them for a range of products. This means that flash sale sites must move a wide variety of items to a vast amount of people in the shortest amount of time possible– and they need a fulfillment company like TAGG Logistics that can handle the demand of ravenous customers.

Daily Deals Fulfillment

With the success of flash sales, a new e-commerce niche came into the mix. This became known as the daily deal model in which customers are sent an email about daily deals or they can browse these websites for discounts and offers, usually having an expiration date within 24 hours. Because of this short timeframe, customers expect a shorter timeframe for delivery that matches the high-speed notoriety of online shopping they’ve come to expect. Come to TAGG logistics for all of your daily deals fulfillment needs!

Fast, Start to Finish

Flash sales and daily deals need quick turnaround from start to finish. From the order all the way through fulfillment and shipping, it all needs to be as fast as possible. On top of that, inventory needs to be carefully managed to ensure that the right products are on the shelf at the right time. Fast shipping is also a requirement, and not everyone can offer it.

Technology Makes it Happen

With those challenges in mind, we start with technology. Since we began, our focus on technology has allowed us to keep pace with the lightning fast pace of online ordering. When an order comes through a client’s website, it’s immediately sent through our system. Integration between our systems and your website ensures a seamless way for us to handle the order while you continue with your usual routine. You still manage your website, payments, and customer service like you normally would—we take care of the rest.

Technology doesn’t stop at the order. Keeping multiple warehouses stocked and organized with the right products in the right quantities is a challenge, but our high-tech process allows us to keep everything moving smoothly and quickly. Plus, you can get reporting on orders and inventory in real time through our secure web portal.

Custom Kitting & Packing

When it comes to picking, packing, and shipping an order, we have that process covered, too. Do you have specific kitting needs for your flash sale? Does your daily deal always come in a certain type of packaging? If you can dream it, we can make it happen with every order. Just contact us to start talking about customizing kitting and packaging to your specific requirements.

Shipping at the Speed of Now

Finally, it’s time for the order to leave the warehouse. Fast shipping is often the most important part of the process for the end customer. We all want that great stuff on our doorstep as fast as possible!

In our business, a lot rides on the location of warehouses. That’s why we operate multiple fulfillment centers in three separate locations, giving us coverage for the entire continental United States. Between our facilities in MO, NV, and PA, we can ship to most of the lower 48 states in just one to two days. No matter your deal, most of your customers can have it delivered to their door the very next day. And if there’s ever a problem with the order, we even handle returns processing.

We’ve perfected e-commerce fulfillment at TAGG. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help bring your business up to the speed of NOW!

Get the Case Study: Stokes

Learn how TAGG helps leading Canadian retailer, Stokes, with flash sales fulfillment in this case study.

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We are always adding more e-commerce carts and order systems that we are certified to integrate with. Here are just some of our most popular integrated e-commerce platforms:

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