Online retail has been booming for the past decade. More and more shoppers (especially during the holidays) are choosing to shop from the comfort of their home rather than dealing with the crowded malls and shops.  Deloitte LLP researching has discovered that even of those who do choose to go the stores, “84% of [those] shoppers use digital tools before and during their trip to a store. Additionally, those shoppers convert, or make a purchase at a 40% higher rate than those who do not use such devices during their shopping journey.”  Clearly, technology is impacting markets and sales from all ends.

Furthermore, Deloitte estimates that sales for the 2014 holiday season will increase about 4-4.5% from 2013, bring sales to about $981 to $986 billion. Not only is technology a major factor in this growth, but also the US economy has been steadily improving, allowing more people to increase their spending as compared to earlier years. While other researchers have come to different statistical findings, one thing all researchers agree on is that ecommerce sales will definitely be increased from last year. (Internet Retailer)