EDI Enabled Distribution

By August 13, 2009November 16th, 2020Distribution

So you made the sale and are now going to market your product through the big box retailers and really push volumes.  Problem is, they require all products to be shipped from a distribution center using EDI.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a business trade platform on which buyers and sellers exchange critical client_logo_ezcomdocuments electronically, without paperwork.  EDI has been evolving for more than a quarter of a century, but up until recently was limited to larger enterprises, primarily due to the excessive startup and operational costs. Now, with new technologies available, TAGG Logistics, in partnership with technology provider eZCom, has been able to offer more cost-effective EDI solutions, giving smaller suppliers the ability to participate.

lingo_regeZCom’s Lingo™ is like an e-commerce passport:  it supplies an easy interface designed around your trading needs. Your focus should be on selling, billing, and shipping – on reaching new horizons, new markets, and new customers. Don’t get bogged down with distribution, routing guides and the technicalities of EDI.  Leave it to the experts!