EDI Services

Most retailers use EDI to process the flow of products through the supply chain. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables the computer system from one company to “talk” to the computer system of another company and digitally exchange data. In essence, it is a set of standards, or rules and guidelines, which are applied when transmitting business documents electronically. Because this digital exchange of data is facilitated using computers, most, if not all of the associated business processes can be automated so they occur with little or no manual data entry. This enables companies to electronically exchange documents like purchase orders, invoices and shipping information.

Key benefits of EDI:

  • Reduces or eliminates manual data entry errors.
  • Streamlines transaction processing.
  • Increases productivity without increasing staff.

Understand the definition and flow of various EDI documents by visiting our glossary.

TAGG Logistics provides a complete range of EDI enabled distribution services. As your business grows and your customers require a distribution system using EDI, let us handle the complexities – that is what we do!
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