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Ethical Supply Chain

By April 11, 2014October 6th, 2020Distribution, Fulfillment, Packaging, Third Party Logistics

With the globalized economy that we are all connected to, it’s important to remember that most everything we buy has a connection to a vast overseas supply chain.

Unfortunately, many of the countries where these supply chains reach are not as strict about working conditions or treatment of workers as the United States. That sometimes means that negligence on the part of a factory owner overseas can reflect badly on a company that purchases goods from that factory but does not operate it. Recent examples of this have been a factory fire and a factory collapse in Bangladesh, the high death tolls associated with each instance mainly the result of negligence.

It’s argued, however, that the inherent complexity of a global supply chain is no excuse. Instead, that means there is an increased ethical responsibility that producers, distributors, and consumers must contend with.

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