eZCom Lingo Is Hosted EDI Provider of Choice for 3rd Party Logistics

By August 18, 2010November 16th, 2020In the News

eZCom Lingo Is Hosted EDI Provider of Choice for 3rd Party Logistics

TAGG Logistics, ProFreight and RML simplify EDI with retail partners via easy-to-use SaaS applications

ENGLEWOOD NJ – AUGUST 18, 2010 – eZCom Software Inc., a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of multi-enterprise business-to-business integration (B2Bi) solutions, announced today that its hosted Lingo service is the preferred Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) choice for leading 3rd Party Logistics providers (3PLs), such as TAGG Logistics, ProFreight and RML. eZCom’s Lingo is helping these companies and others improve their ability to service small and medium-sized vendors with warehousing services that require EDI, by leveraging Lingo’s batch processing and easy-to-use comprehensive shipping functions.

“eZCom has helped TAGG Logistics service its clients’ EDI needs by providing flawless integration, efficient easy-to-use logistics functionality, and complete responsive customer service to TAGG Logistics and our clients,” said Tod Yazdi, Principal of Tagg Logistics, a leading third party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in order fulfillment, contract distribution services and contract packaging, kitting and assembly. “We recommend eZCom with confidence to our clients, knowing they will receive a best-in-class system that fully integrates upstream to retail trading partners. eZCom is a valuable partner in TAGG’s ability to provide full-service, EDI-capable outsourced distribution.”

As retailers large and small mandate EDI relationships as a requirement to managing their supply chain, 3PLs are challenged with having to offer value-add EDI processing without compromising their core warehousing and logistics services. eZCom Lingo is the first enterprise level SaaS B2Bi application that gives small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) the tools they need to successfully manage the EDI aspects of their supply chain process with proprietary batch processing functionality. Lingo has been proven to be upwards of 90% more efficient than its leading competitor. Since Lingo is hosted, there are no expensive hardware or software investments necessary.

“3PL operators face a significant challenge when it comes to EDI processing of orders and the inventory available in their facilities,” states Azeem Subhani, Vice President of ProFreight, a leading 3PL specializing in worldwide freight networks for all import and export Services. “Lingo has been able to simplify the task of managing large data segments to a basic process that is comprehensible across the board, both with 3PL operators and their supplier clients. Profreight continues to have great success with just in time delivery programs (JIT) precisely due to the tools LINGO provides our staff.”

“RML Warehousing uses eZCom’s LINGO for various clients’ EDI needs,¨ said Linda K. Matter, Processing Manager for RML Warehousing, a full-service logistics and outsourcing firm that specializes in providing back office functions for small to medium sized manufacturers and wholesalers who are looking to divest their non-core business activities. “RML’s operations staff finds Lingo to be more user friendly than other EDI systems, and the support staff at eZCom is superb. We are able to successfully satisfy the EDI requirements for more of our clients with less effort.”

About eZCom
eZCom Software Inc. provides innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business-to-Business integration solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in supply chains. eZCom capitalizes on the growing need for a simple and effective solution that empowers SMBs to effectively participate in these supply chains. eZCom’s proprietary architecture supports multiple translation and communications protocols such as EDI X12, XML, and AS2, while reducing complexities associated with the technology and business processes. eZCom clients report up to 90% improvements in efficiency, and the company maintains less than 1% attrition due to competitive reasons. eZCom’s solutions become an extension of the supplier’s company, growing with them as their needs evolve. For further information, visit us at www.ezcomsoftware.com or call 877.765.3564.