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Fulfillment at the Speed of Now

What are my costs?

At TAGG, we try to be as transparent as possible with our pricing structure. There are three main components to our pricing model, which essentially follows the flow of an order: 1. inbound, or receiving inventory, 2. storage of inventory, and 3. outbound, or shipping out orders.

Your inbound fee covers the process of receiving the product, verifying quantities against a packing slip, quality inspection, setting it up in our system and put away at our facility. The second component is your storage costs, which translates to the monthly ‘rent’ for the amount of space your product takes up in the warehouse. The third component is your outbound fees, which is a fixed fee per order and a variable fee for the amount of items in the order. It is most common that the majority of fees occur during the outbound stage. Finally, we do have a few ‘pass-throughs’ from outside resources that are on our bill to you, mainly shipping and packaging materials. TAGG Logistics uses its high-volume purchasing power to negotiate discounted rates and make purchases on your behalf to get the lowest costs possible.

Download our fulfillment cost calculator to get an idea of what your monthly spend might be at TAGG.

Can TAGG integrate with my shopping cart?

Absolutely! TAGG has the latest technology and systems to be able to integrate with just about anything! Our integration software sits between your shopping cart and our warehouse management system (WMS) to seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform, import your order file and map it to our system. For the majority of our clients, we receive daily order files detailing all e-commerce and retail distribution orders that need to be picked, packed and shipped. Once these orders have left the warehouse, we send an order confirmation file which indicates what orders shipped that day and provides tracking information.

For more information on our technology and shopping cart integration, click here.

When can I expect my orders to be delivered?

TAGG Logistics stands behind the phrase, “Fulfillment at the Speed of Now,” and that is just what we provide. We know that to remain competitive in today’s e-commerce environment, speed is crucial. Our entire process is built around speed and our goal is to get your customer’s order from shopping cart to doorstep in just 1-2 days. With our nationwide network of fulfillment centers, we reach the entire country with a 1-2 day transit time. Simply put, if your customer places an order on Monday morning, it will ship Monday, and depending on location, will arrive at their door no later than Wednesday. Now, that’s fulfillment at the speed of NOW!

What shipping method does TAGG use?

TAGG does not have just one shipping method. Due to our high-volume shipments, we partner with all major carriers to provide a variety of shipping methods. Our main priority is to work with our clients to understand what their needs are. Once their needs are determined, we help them choose the best method to ensure all needs are met. Some clients claim speed as their top priority, while others are focused on cost, and others are focused on tracking ability.

Fortunately, we can accommodate to each specific need or a combination of them all. A common trend among e-commerce clients is to offer a ‘standard’ shipping option, or a ground option and an expedited option, such as next day. This works well with our transportation management system (TMS) which will shop the best shipping method possible based on the characteristics of the shipment and the priorities set by you. For example, our TMS has the ability to choose the most cost-effective method, the fastest method, or a combination of both to ensure your customer’s order ships the way you want it shipped.

Download our shipping and handling guides for more information.

Why should I outsource to TAGG?

By outsourcing to an expert like TAGG Logistics you are able to simplify your daily business function, grow your business and gain substantial savings on daily operational needs. We focus on all of your supply chain needs by being flexible and innovative. We recognize that not every client is the same, so we are here to provide solutions just for you! We have invested in advanced IT to assist you with tools that enable you to save and grow your business.

TAGG can also handle every sales channel. Direct-to-consumer e-commerce fulfillment and retail distribution capabilities with complete knowledge in EDI and routing guide requirements. Furthermore, you receive the same discounted rates as TAGG, so your shipping costs decrease drastically. We can quote your products and service your needs with no obligation required.

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Does TAGG work with start-up companies?

Absolutely! In order to determine if a potential client is a good fit, we do like to get to know them before saying ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ and this goes for small, start-up companies or well-known, established companies. We ask questions regarding product, fulfillment center preferred location and daily order volume.

How long has TAGG been in business?

TAGG Logistics was founded in 2006 by Tod Yazdi, Gary Patterson and Gian Cavallini. In fact, the company was formed using their initials (Tod And Gary and Gian). The name also symbolizes TAGG’s approach to our clients because we want you to feel confident in your decision. Our tag line, “TAGG…we’re it!” helps define who we are, knowing that you can trust us as your outsourced partner to handle everything!

Does TAGG work with both B2C and B2B fulfillment?

Yes we do! We provide services in the e-commerce fulfillment industry, also known as B2C, as well as the retail distribution industry, also known as B2B.

As a TAGG client, will I be able to converse with you and your staff?

Yes, each client that TAGG partners with has its own dedicated client service representative. This person is solely dedicated to your account and serves as your main point of contact for daily operational needs. They are trained in all details of your account and are your consistent line of communication to ensure order accuracy and quickness. Furthermore, Tod and Gary are in the office daily and clients can reach them at any time!

Will I have real time access to TAGG’s system?

Each client is given a login and password to our Web Access system that contains all inventory, order information, and any reports that are used for your account. All information is given in real time so that you know where your order is at each step of the process. You can view it all, from inbounding and inventory levels, to order processing, all the way down to the person who picked and packed your order.

Where are you located?

TAGG has a network of fulfillment centers strategically located to provide our clients with nationwide coverage ensuring that products will be shipped in the fastest, most cost effective manner. We have fulfillment centers in Nevada, Pennsylvania and at our headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The positioning of our fulfillment centers allow us to reach any consumer or business in the United States with a 1-2 day transit time.

To learn more about our locations, click here.

Does TAGG require a long-term contract?

We do not require a long-term contract, but the majority of our agreements start with a 1-year commitment. We do include an early termination option and we will send annual updates with any new information and the automatic contract renewal.

Do you offer tracking on orders?

Every order that leaves our fulfillment center is assigned a unique tracking number depending on the carrier used. These tracking numbers can be sent to you, your customers, or both. Our system is fully integrated with UPS, FedEx and other carriers so that tracking number will link directly to their site to show the shipment’s progress.

Do you offer reverse logistics?

Yes. We have the capabilities to provide reverse logistics services for all of our clients. It is a process that works similarly to inbounding your product. Ideally, we would be notified that the return is on its way through a return merchandise authorization (RMA), this way our receiving team is on the lookout for the return. Then, depending on the item, there are a few different options. If the item can be resold, we would place it back in inventory. If it is not able to be sold again, we would either dispose of it at our facility or send it to you to dispose of.

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