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Google Drones Will Compete to Change Shipping

By September 23, 2014Fulfillment, Logistics News


The most recent endeavor emerging from Google’s high tech laboratory is entering into a field full of strong competitors. As most people have heard about Amazon and their invention of drones beginning to deliver packages, Google is attempting to enter the drone industry with somewhat of a different tactic. Amazon had plans of implementing the drones to deliver packages to the consumer in hopes of cutting back on fuel charges and air pollution. Although this idea is still in the works, there are many regulations that need to be met by the FAA prior to completing a successful drone delivery.

Google’s approach in implementing drones in today’s world would put the focus on disaster relief scenarios. The drones would be used to deliver supplies to areas in need by making a beeline for remote locations where roads are blocked off or closed. They could also potentially reduce pollution by replacing cars and trucks on the road. Google’s head roboticist stated, “What excited us from the beginning was that if the right thing could find anybody just in the moment that they need it, the world might be a radically better place.”

The device consists of four electrically-driven propellers with a wingspan on five feet, and comes in at just under 19 pounds, with the ability to take off and land without a runway. Because of its size, these drones will not be able to deliver anything weighing over 22 pounds, but because of their size, speed, and Google’s hopes of increasing locations, they will still be able to deliver supplies as quickly as they are needed.

Drone delivery is still years away, for both Amazon and Google. The FAA has not even contemplated independent drone delivery, and although Google may not be better positioned than Amazon or anyone else toying with the drone delivery system, they do have a much stronger reputation of being influential in terms of policy. If anything, Google could be the trailblazer leading the way into a completely new and huge technological advancement in today’s world.

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