Happy Birthday Bubble Wrap

By January 27, 2010November 16th, 2020Packaging, Third Party Logistics

This week marks the 50th birthday of bubble wrap.  While most of you didn’t take any time out of your day to celebrate, it did give reason for those of us in the fulfillment business to pause and think of all the advancements in packaging that have been made.  At TAGG, the biggest change over the last several years has been the move for more environmentally responsible void fill.  We have a significant presence in the natural and organic product market, distributing and fulfilling packages daily going to environmentally conscious consumers.  For that reason, we have moved to provide a line of biodegradable and reusable bubble.  We also provide bubble wrap that is made from recycled material.   These types of bubble wrap were not available 3 years ago and offer a great alternative for our clients.  Fulfillment means we are delivering our client’s product to their customers.  We take great pride in understanding our client’s markets and presenting products to their customers in a matter that is consistent with their overall marketing message.

Bubble Wrap

Happy birthday bubble wrap!  It is great that we can offer our clients options regarding their fulfillment packaging.