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Healthcare Product Fulfillment, Distribution & Packaging

Healthcare product fulfillment, distribution and packaging. Trust it to any third party logistics (3PL) provider that doesn’t understand the business of healthcare, and you can have one sick supply chain on your hands. Fortunately, there’s a natural remedy: Choose a 3PL that knows healthcare so well, it’s the heart of the operation. Where high-tech and high-touch come together to take better care of your products. And you know for certain that you’ve found the perfect fit.

TAGG Logistics: Your Business Everywhere.℠

Healthcare is no sideline here: In fact, this is the largest and fastest growing part of our business. We’ve seen it all – and handle it all successfully every day. Vitamins, supplements, sterile surgical instruments, non-regulated health & beauty products and much more. Whatever you create to improve quality of life, we’re here to improve the quality of order fulfillment. And delivering on time is just the beginning (you should expect that from your 3PL, shouldn’t you?). What we do for healthcare product manufacturers is so much more.

This is your 3PL center.

More than a mere warehouse, this is your own high-tech distribution and fulfillment center, packaging and kitting operation. Where you can successfully bring new innovations to new markets everywhere. Think of us as a natural extension of your operation. Because we’ll customize every component to precisely fit what you need – instead of the other way around. Everything here is designed for healthcare, including the caring attitude we take to help you grow your business. Because that’s the only way we choose to grow ours.

Right size, right service.

You’ll find the same technology at TAGG that you would at the world’s largest 3PL centers. After all, automation is critical when it comes to delivering a better healthcare experience. But here’s something the robots can’t do: Look you in the eye, shake your hand and assure you that your products are in capable hands.

Here, you’ll work with a principal of our firm – not a sales rep whose dedication to the company starts and ends with a commission check. Because at TAGG, those are our names over the door: Tod And Gary and Gian.

The strongest link in the supply chain.

You put everything into your new products. Not just money, equipment or even time. But yourself. We understand, because we see our business the same way. And we know it will take that kind of commitment to overcome the challenges in healthcare today.

There is no more critical goal than decreasing costs while improving quality of care. Your products play a major role in achieving that goal, whether you create surgical instruments that save lives – or supplements that promote wellness.

But your products can only do good if they’re packaged right and delivered where and when they’re supposed to be. Your fulfillment partner is the crucial link in the middle of the healthcare supply chain. And while a 3PL inexperienced with healthcare can make this link the weakest, we’re here to make it the strongest. Shipping your goods correctly and at the lowest possible cost. Taking the burden off your back. So you can look ahead – and not behind to the orders you’ve already sold.

More than deliver products, we deliver confidence.
And that, is how healthcare gets better.

At TAGG, we’re taking care of healthcare. And we stake our business, and our personal reputations, on it.

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