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Healthy Move – For Custom Order Picking, Pick TAGG Logistics

By August 31, 2012January 11th, 2022Articles of Interest


There’s only one way to distribute your medical products: your way.  TAGG’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is so advanced, you can set up different picking rules for different products. The most common is FIFO, which means ‘First In, First Out.’ And the name says it all: Our WMS automatically directs our pickers to the products that arrived on our shelves first. FIFO helps keep your inventory fresh.

Another picking method is gaining momentum among healthcare manufacturers today. It’s called FEFO, short for ‘First Expiration, First Out.’ FEFO identifies products with the shortest expiration dates and ships those first. So perishable healthcare products won’t sit on our shelves past their expiration dates.

FEFO really comes in handy with reverse logistics. For example, let’s say an e-commerce customer changes her mind and returns an unopened bottle of your product. Because it will naturally have a closer expiration date than other products on our shelves, the returned product will be picked first. A traditional FIFO system isn’t set to watch expiration dates, so it would miss that.

Want your distribution your way? Now that’s one healthy move.