Healthy Move – Tell the Whole Story with TAGG Order Fulfillment

By September 20, 2012TAGG News

Great news: Your customer ordered your healthcare product or medical device. Even better news: That package instantly becomes the best sales and customer service tool you’ve ever seen (without adding a single employee to your staff). How? By taking advantage of the product fulfillment services at TAGG Logistics:

  • Reduce customer support calls and emails: Include detailed instructions right in the package before shipping.
  • Increase cross-selling opportunities: Add brochures, demo CDs, free samples or other sales materials for products related to the one you’re about to ship.
  • Improve customer service: Use the package as a mini research tool—include customer satisfaction surveys, product review polls or other tools that help you listen to the voice of your customer.

You get the idea: It’s time to think inside the box. What can you add that’ll add even more business? Then choose the fulfillment company that makes it easier for your business to grow. Now that’s one healthy move.