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It’s All Logistics These Days

By September 4, 2013Logistics News

I might be dating myself, but it is a great line in an old movie when Chevy Chase proclaims in Fletch, “It’s all ball bearings these days.”  That’s how we feel about logistics.  Of course, we are a little bias but to us, it certainly seems like it’s logistics that makes or breaks an e-commrece business.  We often get calls from new or growing web-sites that have experienced a bit of success and have a daily order volume, and as they grow, they realize they don’t have the infrastructure in place to support higher sales.  It isn’t to hard to throw bodies at it and manually enter orders, pick, pack and ship.  However, as e-commerce sites grow, it quickly will become time to think about logistics – think about the efulfillment process and how orders are processed, inventory is kept and shipping methods are chosen.  It is this ‘logistics’ that will divide the perpetual smaller, mom and pop, e-commerce sites from the true platforms that achieve a higher level of sales.

Give TAGG a call, even if you don’t need our services or don’t choose to outsource, it still will be helpful to understand the impacts of automation, integration and volume on e-commerce fulfillment.  Because to us, it’s ALL logistics these days!!!!!!!!!