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TAGG – Fulfillment News
Issue 11 – September 2010

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We’ll Keep the Light on for You

We always stress to our employees that we are in the service business. Further, if you go to our web-site or read any of our marketing materials you will see phrases like “committed to clients’ success” or we “deliver complete client satisfaction” or “flexibility.” These are customer service principles that we continually revisit to make sure we don’t just say them but practice what we preach. Looking back this year we are proud to say TAGG has taken steps to deliver on these phrases. Starting with the opening of our West Coast fulfillment center as a result of a client’s request to help save on shipping and now, expanding our operating hours as a result of a client’s request to add greater flexibility to their distribution network.


Beginning October 1st, TAGG’s new operating hours at its St. Louis facility will be from 7:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. We will have complete shipping and receiving capabilities throughout this time period. The expanded hours will allow us to address some specific client needs but will also create the ability to run packaging and kitting projects beyond a standard shift.

What is next? Stay tuned….it is our job to help our clients grow – and as a result, we will continue to look for ways to develop and expand our operations.

All the best,
Tod and Gary

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TAGG in the News

We recently received some positive press from one of our valued partners. eZCom Software helps small to medium-sized companies improve their ability to service retailers with fulfillment and distribution services that require Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). For our clients selling to retailers such as Wal*Mart, Home Depot and Walgreens, there is often a need to establish EDI services. eZCom’s software is a cost-effective and efficient EDI solution that integrates with TAGG’s systems.

“eZCom has helped TAGG Logistics service its clients’ EDI needs by providing flawless integration, efficient easy-to-use logistics functionality, and complete responsive customer service to TAGG Logistics and our clients,” said Tod Yazdi, Principal of TAGG Logistics, a leading third party logistics (3PL) provider specializing in order fulfillment, contract distribution services and contract packaging, kitting and assembly. “We recommend eZCom with confidence to our clients, knowing they will receive a best-in-class system that fully integrates upstream to retail trading partners. eZCom is a valuable partner in TAGG’s ability to provide full-service, EDI-capable outsourced distribution.”

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Featured Article:

Save Money on Shipping Rates

Don’t Overlook the Largest Part of Your Fulfillment Costs

With the economy sluggishly moving along, businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and create savings.  There are three main buckets of costs when delivering products to your customers; (1) shipping i.e. USPS, FedEx, UPS, freight, etc… (2) fulfillment fees; and (3) packaging fees.  Shipping costs tend to run 60-75% of your total fulfillment expenses. The direct fulfillment fees, often referred to as handling fees, usually makeup another 20-30% of these expenses with packaging being the smallest, final portion.  Therefore, a reduction in shipping expenses will have biggest direct impact on your bottom line.  Recently, TAGG added two new services to our shipping portfolio to act as lower cost alternatives to the USPS.  For packages under a pound, TAGG now offers an alternative to normal first class mail rate using UPS Mail Innovations.  For packages over a pound and less than 10 pounds, TAGG can reduce the cost of regular Priority Mail shipments by using a FedEx product called Smart Post.

There are an endless variety of shipping methods.  With these 2 new alternatives to the Post Office, TAGG can effectively ship product for its clients in the exact way they want or offer alternatives to lower overall delivery costs.

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About TAGG

TAGG Logistics is a leading, third party logistics provider specializing in order fulfillment, distribution services and packaging, kitting and assembly. With facilities in St. Louis, Missouri and Reno, Nevada, TAGG Logistics works closely with its clients to identify their specific requirements and implement the most effective and efficient order fulfillment solutions. We serve a national client base of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers and have demonstrated flexibility, professionalism and reliability since 1979.

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