Newsletter issue 13

TAGG Logistics is a leading order fulfillment and third party logistics (3PL) provider focused on helping businesses cost-effectively handle their order fulfillment and distribution challenges. Clients turn to us not only for our expertise in order fulfillment but also outsourced distribution, contract packaging, kitting and assembly.

A Quick Read

How it Works! e-Commerce Order Information Flow
Seamless Integration Between Your e-Commerce Site and Fulfillment Provider

Modern order fulfillment is characterized by a high tech process that is designed to accurately and efficiently pick, package and ship an order in a very short amount of time. In fact, TAGG, as many of today’s modern fulfillment providers, fulfills it’s client’s e-commerce orders the same day. This process is only made possible when the various systems are working together in a seamless environment.
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It has been a great spring at TAGG Logistics and we have carried over the strong business pace of 2011 through the first quarter of 2012. Our IT gurus continue to impress us with the implementation of our new warehouse management system. We hope to have all of our existing clients converted by mid-summer. Once we have everyone up and running, much of the ‘heavy lifting’ will be done and we will begin to dive more into the details of refining and improving the system. Our growth has also strained our facilities. When we bought the business and started TAGG 6 years ago, we fit nicely into our 50,000 sq. ft. facility. Well we have fattened up a bit and now work out of 4 facilities in St. Louis and Reno and by the end of this year we look to expand our footprint in both of those markets. Never a dull moment!

Thank you to all our valued clients and dedicated TAGG team members!

All the best,

Tod and Gary

Trade Show
Once again, TAGG attended the Natural Products Expo last month in Anaheim, CA. It is a great event for TAGG not only because it features many companies in the healthcare market including nutraceutical products, supplements and vitamins, but in attendance are many of our existing clients. It gives us a chance to visit with clients and see their products and salesforce in action.

Press and News
Check out the March issue of Inbound Logistics. I wrote an article based on experiences with one of our new clients who is selling to daily deal sites like Groupon. It has been a great opportunity for TAGG – especially when their former fulfillment provider couldn’t get a handle on the demands of high volume, time sensitive order fulfillment.

e-Commerce Fulfillment
We recently did a full integration for one of our clients who runts on the e-commerce platform of Volusion. Orders now flow directly from the Volusion shopping cart into TAGG’s system. It is a completely automated, real-time e-commerce order fulfillment solution and the list of shopping carts we have complete integration with continues to grow!