Newsletter issue 2

As all of us know, businesses change and evolve over time. TAGG Logistics is no exception. We have embarked on a number of new initiatives this year which we hope will help us better communicate our story, our service and our value to current customers and those out there that might become customers. Many of you have noticed the web-site’s new design and feel. In the coming months, you might also notice our story in industry and local publications, and see new descriptive material and offers come across your desk. As we look forward to the future and the success of our business, we also greatly appreciate those to whom we owe our success: the loyal and hard working employees of TAGG and the customers we serve. Thank you.

Gary Patterson & Tod Yazdi

Customer Profile

Emtex USA

Emtex USA, LLC, is the exclusive distributor of Caramba Cracker Nuts in the United States. Emtex sells its product through its website at and though select distributors nationwide.

TAGG Logistics Partnership

When Emtex decided to introduce an exciting new food product to the United States, they turned to TAGG Logistics. TAGG and Emtex worked hand-in-hand to design and implement an efficient nationwide distribution system. Emtex has focused their attention on marketing and sales, while TAGG’s services include import container receiving, quality control check and unloading, storage, order processing and repackaging. TAGG Logistics’ order fulfillment services to Emtex include shipments to both retail and wholesale locations, as well as direct to individual consumers.

Employee Profile

Meet Ron Watts!

If you have called our office in the past year or so, there’s a good chance you talked with Ron Watts. Ron has been a member of the TAGG Logistics team (and formerly ADS Logistics) since late 2005, and has more than 30 years experience in managing warehousing and order fulfillment operations.

Prior to working for TAGG Logistics, Ron owned Alternative Distribution, Inc., a public warehouse company in St. Louis, which combined forces with TAGG Logistics in December of 2004. Currently, Ron multi-tasks between taking incoming calls, double-checking orders prior to shipment, and just about any other duties that need to be done. Ron stands ready to assist in most any challenge!

A native of south eastern Missouri, Ron has been in the St. Louis area since 1960. He is an avid Cardinals fan and enjoys fishing and spending time with Jo, his wife of 46 years, and his two children and two grandchildren.

Latest News

May 22, 2007 – How Do You Compete with TAGG Logistics Gives Small
e-Commerce Sites and eBay Stores Back-Office Muscle to Grow

St. Louis, MO – TAGG Logistics adds Rover Renovations, Forrest Yoga and Sonic Shades to their growing list of internet-based retail customers. By outsourcing to a third party, these small e-commerce sites get access to warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping capabilities which typically are only available to larger internet retailers, giving them more time to focus on growing their business.
It’s not the technology but the simple back-office storing, packaging and shipping that often becomes the bottle-neck for successful e-commerce businesses notes Gary Patterson, President of TAGG Logistics. Many of these companies have started in a basement or garage but as they grow, the owner struggles to

keep up with storing and shipping higher order volumes. By outsourcing to a third party fulfillment company, these small sites and eBay stores can focus on adding product and growing sales.

It got to the point where I could no longer physically handle the day-to-day operations of my site, says Dennis Altman owner of Rover Renovations. TAGG Logistics warehouses my product, downloads orders automatically from my site and ships to my customers. They even pool my shipments with other customers to reduce my shipping costs.

Article of Interest

Outsourced e-Commerce Fulfillment Can Help You Grow Your Business

Outsourcing order fulfillment continues to be a significant industry trend. In today’s competitive marketplace, more and more companies are choosing to focus on their core business of selling products. To do this, as well as increase customer service levels and drive down costs, these companies have decided to outsource order fulfillment. As the fulfillment industry continues to grow, distinct market segments have developed in order to provide more specialized service to a specific group of customers. Catalog fulfillment, product sample fulfillment, literature fulfillment and pharmaceutical fulfillment are examples of specialized services being offered to particular niches.

Internet order fulfillment diagramOne of the largest and fastest growing fulfillment segments is e-commerce fulfillment. Spurred by the growth in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) web-sites, outsourced e-commerce fulfillment allows large scale and economical web-based ordering without sacrificing order accuracy or customer service.
A truly effective e-commerce site is more than just a catalog and shopping cart that allow customers to choose products and purchase them using a credit card. Among other features, e-commerce sites should have the ability to seamlessly integrate with an inventory or warehouse management system to facilitate order fulfillment. Together, all these systems link into a process designed to accurately and efficiently process web orders and provide the highest possible level of customer service.

Full service e-commerce fulfillment brings all the pieces of your logistic puzzle together. You can choose how much or how little of your process to outsource. An e-commerce fulfillment provider, like TAGG Logistics, can allow you to focus solely on running your website and sourcing and selling your product.