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Bring all the pieces of your logistics puzzle together, linking the supply chain from suppliers to customers.

A Message from TAGG Logistics

A Year-end Reflection

The Holiday season is the perfect occasion to spend time reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the coming year.  Our business is one of partnerships, and as we look back on 2007, we are most thankful for the relationships we’ve developed with a great group of customers new and old who have helped make this year so successful.  As our thoughts turn to the coming year, we are excited about continuing our efforts to help simplify our clients’ lives and free them to focus on growing their businesses.  Our plans include both adding additional warehouse space to insure we have the capacity to maintain the required flexibility, as well as investments in IT hardware and software.

Of course, it’s hard to predict all that the New Year will bring, but the one certainty is that we look forward to continuing to serve you.  Thank you for your business and your friendship over the past year, and we wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

Gary Patterson & Tod Yazdi

Customer Profile

Novus International, Inc.

TAGG Logistics has partnered with Novus International to provide nationwide distribution for their emerging nutritional supplement business. Novus International, Inc., an animal health and nutrition company, announced it has formed a company doing business as Arenus to produce products for the equine, canine and human health markets. The Arenus’ initial product, STEADFAST EQUINE dietary supplement, has been designed by nutritionists and veterinarians specifically for horses with high demand lifestyles. Products can be viewed on their website at

TAGG Logistics Partnership

When Novus decided to launch an exciting new line of supplements, they realized they did not have the distribution and fulfillment capabilities to reach their new group of customers. They looked for an outsourced solution to store and ship product as well as integrate with their order taking and customer service infrastructure. TAGG Logistics receives manufactured product, stores the goods in pallet and case quantities and process and ships orders to retail locations, as well as direct to individual consumers.

Employee Profile

Meet Dawn Norman!

Every winning team has to have a great quarterback to assess the situation on the field, make decisions on the fly, and to pull everything together, somehow making order out of chaos. The quarterback of the TAGG Logistics team is our Office Manager, Dawn Norman!

Since joining the TAGG team in September 2006, Dawn has been a critical resource in allowing us to successfully grow our business while simultaneously increasing customer service. Her capacity to multi-task in the most stressful of environments, with a smile on her face, is fantastic!

Prior to TAGG Logistics, Dawn worked for 14 years for a privately owned company in St. Louis called American Security, where she ran the office and performed a variety of duties including accounting, benefits administration, payroll taxes and general human resources.

Outside of work, Dawn spends most of her time keeping up with her three children, ages 18, 14 and 10, and her dog Buster. When she does manage to escape for some leisure time, she enjoys bowling and outdoor activities such as golf and water sports.




Article of Interest

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment can be defined as…

“the process of receiving an order, then shipping the order to the buyer to complete a transaction.”

Seems simple enough, right? Except, every company is different. And everyone’s selling process is different, resulting in countless variations of fulfillment services all based on this simple theme. On any given day, full-service fulfillment companies provide services ranging from simply shipping product to consumers to more sophisticated movements of product through a manufacturer’s supply chain to a wide range of customers varying from multinational companies to individual consumers.

Full-Service Order Fulfillment Companies

The increasing trend of outsourcing order fulfillment continues to drive the fulfillment industry to offer more compete, turn-key solutions. Full-service fulfillment companies, like TAGG Logistics, allow organizations to offer a higher level of customer service at a lower cost, while freeing up time and resources for companies to focus on other fundamentals of their business.

Most full-service fulfillment companies will offer the following basic services:
Storage / Warehousing: The logistics company will

  • Receive the product and provide inbound quality check
  • Provide storage for the product (typically on a monthly basis)
  • Provide inventory control management services, including on-line, real-time access to inventory
  • Monitor and process inventory replenishment

Order Processing: The logistics company will….

  • Receive orders directly from your customer via phone, fax or Internet (call center services)
  • Provide pick and pack services fulfilling the orders
  • Provide full case distribution and full pallet distribution
  • Add insertions to the order
  • Provide kitting and assembly services as needed
  • Provide contract packaging and specialty labeling services

Returns and Exchanges: The logistics company will….

  • Examine and process any returned item
  • Restock the item into inventory
  • Reship a replacement item when necessary

Administration: The logistics company will….

  • Provide call center services
  • Handle all invoicing/billing
  • Be an extension of your customer service department

Order fulfillment is a crucial part of many businesses. Because it is the last link in the supply chain, and in many cases, the only direct contact with the end customers, the order fulfillment process can make or break your reputation as a customer-focused provider.

At TAGG Logistics, we see ourselves as partners with our customers. Their success is our success, and our success is their success. If an order is wrong, damaged or late, a customer relationship will suffer. However, when customers get the order on time, in good condition and the fulfillment center is responsive to the customer’s needs, a strong customer relationship will be created. A good fulfillment partner is critical to the success of your business.



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