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TAGG Logistics Expands Into New West Coast Fulfillment Center

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, OCTOBER 6, 2015… St. Louis-based TAGG Logistics announces the expansion of its West Coast operations, with the opening of a new fulfillment center in Reno, Nevada. In addition to TAGG’s current facility in Reno, the new 153,000 square foot warehouse will serve as a multi-channel distribution center designed for direct-to-consumer fulfillment, retail distribution of both pallet and case quantities and high-volume kitting and assembly.

A multiple-point fulfillment strategy, where fulfillment centers are strategically located amongst a customer base, helps e-retailers keep pace with the demands of today’s consumers, who are expecting fast and inexpensive delivery of their orders. Having facilities in Reno, St. Louis and Philadelphia provides TAGG clients a footprint where they can ship to the entire country with a 1-2 day ground transit time.

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Deliver Your Brand

Using Order Fulfillment to Further Brand Awareness… The more retailing has changed, the more things stay the same. Today’s omnichannel environment is always changing. Consumers can  make purchase in almost an infinite variety of ways–buy it at the store, buy it online, see it at the store and buy it online, buy it online and pick it up at the store, buy it from a catalog, from an infomercial, from a flash sale, from a kiosk…sales channels are always evolving. However, some things stay the same. Branding and the consumer’s experience are critical components to building customer loyalty acorss each and every one of these retailing channels. No matter how your customer buys your product, never pass up an opportunity to deliver a positive and consistent brand message. The order fulfillment process is the last step in getting product to your customers and a valuable opportunity to deliver your brand.

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TAGG Events

We have enjoyed attending the ERA D2C in the past, but this year we were fortunate enough to have our very own, Tod Yazdi, as one of the keynote speakers! Yazdi’s presentation titled, “Keeping Pace with an Omnichannel Consumer” detailed the growth of digital consumption and how companies are faced with numerous options on how consumers shop. Click below to learn more about the ERA D2C and Yazdi’s presentation.

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TAGG attended the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) Technology and Operations Conference on September 24 and 25, 2015. The IWLA Conference showcases how technology and operations in warehouses work together to achieve successful customer success and retention. Click below to learn more about the IWLA and our conference experience.

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