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Nimble Scooters Helps TAGG Increase Productivity

By April 23, 2015October 15th, 2019Logistics News, TAGG News


TAGG Logistics has a continued partnership with Nimble Scooters that enables us to consistently enhance our business growth and development. With sprawling warehouses located throughout the United States, our TAGG team could not be more thankful for Nimble Scooters and their assistance in completing daily tasks. Like many other warehouses, TAGG Logistics has designated areas for inbounding and unloading containers, narrow aisles through pallet racking and pick modules, as well as customized packing and shipping stations. TAGG also offers a variety of value-added services such as customized labeling, repackaging, club packs, and bundling services. Our clients trust TAGG to handle their product with extreme care when transporting them from shopping cart to warehouse, warehouse to delivery truck, and delivery truck to door.

The TAGG Team utilizes our Nimble Scooters to quickly and efficiently maneuver through the warehouse, swiftly completing orders and ensuring safe delivery from one station to another. One major advantage that TAGG enjoys about our scooters is the patented steering system that enables us to not only get places quickly, but we have a complete visual of the valuable product stored in the cargo box. The scooter’s tight steering system allows us to scoot through the pick modules with ease, knowing that it has been tested to be strong, lightweight, and stable. With thousands of orders coming in on a daily basis, operating quickly and carefully is vital to providing our clients with excellent customer service.

Furthermore, Nimble Scooters are designed with front forks, brakes, and frames made of high strength aluminum giving our TAGG Team a safe, strong, lightweight ride while cruising through the warehouse. TAGG Logistics’ Operations Supervisor, Kyle Hefele, has been using Nimble Scooters for the last few years. “It is easy to tell that these scooters are produced with high quality products enabling us to increase productivity on a daily basis. The wheels, in particular, are thick and extremely durable allowing for a smooth ride without harming the floors of the warehouse.”

TAGG Logistics takes pride in the service we provide to our clients and it is evident that Nimble Scooters does the same with the design of their scooters. They are quick, easy to maintain, compact, and lightweight! We have even customized ours with miniature bells to alert others that the scooter is quickly approaching. For more information on Nimble Scooters, you can check out their website. Additionally, TAGG Logistics will be exhibiting at the IRCE in Chicago from June 2-5, 2015. We will have one of our Nimble Scooters on hand for you to test out, let us know if you plan on attending!