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Order Integration: A Key to Direct-to-Consumer Success

By August 11, 2016October 15th, 2019e-Commerce Fulfillment, Logistics News, Technology


To drive Your Business EverywhereSM, you’ll want to focus on three keys: order integration, processing speed and effective shipping. Together, they are essential to ensuring you’re consistently delivering the best brand experience to your online customers. Let’s take a closer look at the first key: order integration.

Making the ordering process as seamless as possible for your customers is more complex than ever before. After all, today’s consumers have a lot of online choices—not only traditional online shopping carts, but also flash sales, subscription boxes, daily deal sites, infomercials and ordering in retail stores

So how can you make ordering a great experience, no matter how your customers order from you? It all starts with employing the latest technology and the ability of your third-party logistics provider (3PL) to integrate smoothly with your website. Once your customers click “Place Order,” they want their products when they want them: NOW. So that’s how quickly your ordering system must respond. If you live in a high-volume sales world, meeting that expectation can be even more challenging.

Step #1 is to automate the ordering process as thoroughly as possible. That means a hands-off process with little to no manual labor (or potential for human errors). Manual order files, batch files and emails with individual orders must be a thing of the past.

You want an ordering system that gives customers complete and automatic visibility of your available inventory, including backorder receipt dates for all of your products. You want your customers to order in real time and receive real time verification of their purchases. And perhaps most of all, you want your order fulfillment to be as accurate as it is fast. The way your customers purchase and receive your products is just as critical to a positive brand experience as your products themselves.

Finally, your 3PL should have the flexibility to either integrate with the e-commerce system you already use—or customize one for you, if needed. This is the engine behind your online sales growth: working seamlessly with your e-commerce site to display your inventory, automate orders, provide real-time shipping costs and serve as the conduit for the two-way communications that reinforce your customers’ good decision to buy from you.

Key questions to ask your current 3PL

As you evaluate how your current 3PL is managing your online orders and customer experience, how would you answer these questions?

  1. Does your current 3PL have the capacity to handle your growing sales volume in each of your sales channels?
  1. Does your 3PL have the capability to integrate with your shopping cart, order management system and/or ERP system?

If you’re unsure about whether your current 3PL can help you grow, we’re here to help. While we’re a nationwide company with distribution centers from coast to coast, you’ll work one-on-one with our principals. The reason is simple: we know that the most important key to success is to create the only solution that matters: the one built just for you.

To learn more, please call 866-991-TAGG or fill out our contact form. One of our principals will contact you promptly.