Our Freight Plan….Your Reduced Costs

By June 18, 2013TAGG News

I’m still surprised to see small and even medium-sized retailers trying to move freight on their own.  The less-than-truckload (LTL) market has become more and more efficient over the years with on-line freight quotes and automated brokerage services, but even with these common marketplaces, freight pricing is still all about volume.  VOLUME. VOLUME. VOLUME.  The more freight you move, the more pricing power you have.  TAGG, and other third party logistics providers (3PL), pool our clients’ volume to push better freight pricing.  Collectively, each client is positioned better by aggregating the volume of all of our clients.  It is a simple concept, and it works.  Don’t go it alone, contact a 3PL and see how much you might save in your LTL shipping.