Outgrowing your 3PL? Time to get packing.

Imagine you make one of the world’s leading lines of oral care products. You’ve become so popular, you’re the talk-of-the-town. Problem is, you have so many orders now that you’re outgrowing your current third-party logistics provider (3PL). What can you do to keep your customers smiling?

We had the right answer for this manufacturer, just as we have had for so many others. Because I see this situation all the time, especially in the healthcare field. It goes something like this…

A manufacturer has a breakthrough idea, strong products and needs to hire its first 3PL to manage fulfillment and distribution. Sales are going great, and the 3PL is doing an equally great job of keeping up with the growth. But one day there’s a tipping point: The 3PL no longer has the right technology and expertise to handle the sales volume. The great service just isn’t there anymore, because the manufacturer has literally outgrown its 3PL’s capabilities.

But loyalty is strong—and switching 3PLs is a big step. So the relationship lasts a little longer than it perhaps should. Meanwhile, the manufacturer continues to grow—and the relationship with its 3PL grows in a different way: weaker by the day.

It should come as no surprise—especially in healthcare. After all, healthcare products require special handling. They’re just not a good fit for many 3PLs, particularly when products really start to move. And for those sales/distribution companies where distribution is a secondary focus, a lack of experience can really create service issues.

So what did TAGG Logistics do to turn the situation around for this dental care manufacturer? We delivered not only the products, but also the technology that is essential to healthcare fulfillment and distribution. For example:

• Branded packing lists: for faster and easier product identification within shipments.

• Lot number traceability: for tracking expiration dates and other essential information—all key to quality, security and the occasional product recall.

It comes down to this: Does your 3PL truly understand the business of healthcare? Can you see it with your own eyes, in the depth and diversity of the healthcare products it handles? And do you have access to the top decision makers—the partners who will customize their operations to fit yours (instead of the other way around)?

Creating new innovations in healthcare is already a challenge. Your 3PL doesn’t have to be. As your business grows, make sure your 3PL doesn’t become the weakest link in your supply chain. Because you deserve the same great service you give your own customers.

Our dental products client knew it was time for a 3PL checkup. Are you due for one as well?