Pump Up Your Omnichannel With Pandora

By January 13, 2015October 6th, 2020e-Commerce Fulfillment, Logistics News, TAGG News


Omnichannel marketing and merchandising is more important today than ever before. Now that consumers have the ability to shop from a variety of platforms, ranging from in-store, websites, and mobile applications, retailers must adapt and learn to market to them on multiple sales channels. Marketing groups must be aligned so that the appropriate messages are presented in the right media and at the right time across all sales channels. Social media marketing is one of the channels that can help elevate your customer base in a dramatic way and enable you to pinpoint your target market through different platforms.

Recently, TAGG was asked to kit and assemble a marketing campaign for Vita Coco. They re-launched one of their newer flavors, Vita Coco Café, using Pandora’s advertisement program. Vita Coco ran ads on Pandora for one month promoting a free sample of the Café flavor. Listeners had the option of clicking on the ad which sent them to a page requesting additional information, then a short time later their free sample of Vita Coco Café showed up on their doorstep. Pandora has recently become a vital marketing resource for companies looking to get the best bang for their buck. Pandora’s technology can cater to consumers with a larger precision scale than other platforms. It can spotlight listeners by age, sex, zip code, or even musical taste, giving its advertisers an upper-hand in what messages they send through different sales channels; playing a fundamental role in their omnichannel strategy.

Although retailers and consumers alike have numerous options when it comes to marketing and purchasing products nowadays; it is imperative for business’ growth and development that omnichannel strategies are embraced and implemented. Vita Coco chose Pandora and was able to market their product to a range of ideal consumers and a new audience who simply opted in for the free sample. After all, everyone loves free samples and there is no doubt that they acquired a larger fan base through this marketing campaign.

Having an ecommerce fulfillment and third party logistics provider that not only understands but can help execute your omnichannel strategy can make an enormous impact on how you start off the New Year! Contact TAGG Logistics to see what our e-commerce fulfillment capabilities can do for you!