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Really? You Don’t Want to Outsource Your Warehouse? Really?

Recently I had a long-term client and friend of TAGG’s send an e-mail with a subject line of “Why We Use TAGG.” In it was a series of YouTube videos on forklift accidents. While some of the videos, such as the one above, were of careless horse-play, there were also videos that highlighted the inherent dangers of operating a forklift and the risks present in the larger warehouse environment. The video was fairly frightening to those of us at TAGG who spend a great deal of time on safety, but it was also brought to light a part of our client’s mindset that I haven’t thought of before. When your fulfillment and distribution requires a warehouse, forklift(s) and other related equipment, that adds a whole new dimension of safety concerns, work comp. issues and training. Why not focus on your products and selling? Let us handle the fulfillment and distribution. After watching some of the more graphic videos, I was close to outsourcing our warehouse too!!!!