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Freight Consolidation and Shipping for Retail

Freight Consolidation and Shipping

Reduce costs by consolidating freight

Participating in freight consolidation and shipping with TAGG can bring your company significant cost savings and order fulfillment performance improvements. When it comes to fulfilling orders to major retailers in your omnichannel fulfillment network, freight consolidation holds the answer to reducing complexities and increasing fulfillment performance.

Freight consolidation services, also known as retail consolidation and conslidated freight shipping, combines multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments into a full truckload. Shippers and retailers only pay for their specific freight, not the entire load, saving money and increasing efficiency.

Through our parent company, The Hub Group, TAGG can now provide deep expertise with retail compliance standards and other stringent retailer requirements with the nation’s largest retailers, including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Amazon, Target and Whole Foods. This expertise translates into lower retailer compliance fines and improved service levels for your company.

Freight Consolidation Defined

Freight consolidation and shipping to retail is an order fulfillment solution that combines multiple CPG manufacturers and other suppliers’ freight into a single load.

Major aspects of a freight consolidation program include:

1. Delivery Schedule: establishing and fulfilling product with a a standard, pre-determined delivery schedule for all participating suppliers and manufacturers

2. Retailer Compliance Standards: standardizing compliance with key retailer requirements for every consolidated shipment come from multiple suppliers

3. Consistent End-to-End Visibility: TAGG’s technology capabilities allow you track your consolidated shipments every step of the way, including when they are delivered and received by the retailer(s). Visibility also enables consistent and regular communication across suppliers, vendors, transportation carriers, and retailers who all require status updates and shipment details throughout the process.

Benefits of Freight Consolidation and Shipping

Freight consolidation and shipping has several costs savings and service performance benefits, including:

Transportation cost reduction: Retail consolidation combines your shipment with other supplier’s shipments, ultimately gaining scale to purchase full truckload capacity with few total # of shipments. This replaces any single supplier making multiple LTL or other types of smaller shipments. The result is significantly lower overall transportation costs for your company.

Reduced or eliminated retail compliance fines: Because a retail consolidation program is structured to allow multiple suppliers to meet a single retailer’s unique delivery requirements, you are not ‘left on your own’ to manage those requirements shipment-by-shipment. What’s more, retailer requirements can be dynamic and complex; most suppliers are delivering to multiple retailers at any given time, each one with their own unique requirements. A retail consolidation program manages these retailer requirement complexities on your behalf, and by doing so, reduces the risk of compliance violations and their related fines.

Reduce inventory holding costs: Because your orders are consolidated into bigger shipments, you gain the benefit of moving more inventory faster to the retailers who need it the most. This reduces how long you have to hold inventory, and reduces inventory handling across multiple smaller orders and shipments.

TAGG & HubGroup’s Freight Consolidation Network with Major Retailers

We have an unrivaled network, reaching all major retailer hubs nationwide. Now part of the Hub Group family of companies, TAGG has the expertise and knowledge to serve all major retailers, including:

  • Walmart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Target
  • Publix
  • HEB
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods

Retailers we serve with a Freight Consolidation and Shipping

We serve major retailers across the US through freight consolidation and shipping programs. Here’s a sample list:

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