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Subscription box fulfillment made easy with TAGG’s proven expertise and nationwide network of fulfillment centers

There’s a subscription box for everything these days! From cosmetics to clothes, and from techies to foodies, you can find a subscription box for anything and anyone. That’s why you need a great subscription box fulfillment partner.

TAGG delivers ‘‘Retail therapy in a box’ to meet all of your subscription box fulfillment needs. There’s no question that the order fulfillment process is a fundamental element of online retail business. Although it sounds simple enough to do it all on your own, the challenges that come with it can be a distraction that pulls time away from other important components of your business. For businesses who are looking to add or expand their subscription bundles, these challenges include:

  • Boxes can come in many combinations depending on the customer’s order or preferences
  • The right products have to be in stock at the right time
  • The order must be kitted correctly and attractively
  • It all has to happen fast.

As a business owner, you should be focusing on growing your customer base, not on haggling with these problems.

TAGG has perfected e-commerce order fulfillment, and part of this means understanding our subscription box customers. That’s why we take our proven approach to fulfillment and customize it to your needs. If you have an idea, we can make it a reality, all with a seamless, streamlined, and frustration-free process. You focus on building your business, and we handle the logistics.

FAST Shipping for Subscription Box Fulfillment

Once an order leaves the warehouse, it needs to get to your customer’s door fast, regardless of where in the country they live. For us, having the right ecommerce order fulfillment center locations in the right places is the key to lightning-fast shipping times. From multiple facilities in three strategically chosen locations (MO, NV, and PA), we can ship in just one day to most people in the continental US and in just two days to everyone else. That’s fulfillment at the speed of NOW!

Looking to grow your subscription box? Let’s bring it up to speed. At TAGG, we’re committed to delivering the fastest, most reliable e-commerce fulfillment. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help simplify your process, remove the headaches, and maximize profitability. It’s time to move!

Detailed Customization

Every subscription box fulfills a different need for a different customer, so customization is what makes this challenge different from an individual online order. Our goal is to make sure that your shipments look the way they need to, with all of the right products for all of the right customers. Our seamless and transparent integration with your website order management system and/or e-commerce platform—along with the right team—is what makes this possible.

Inventory Management

No matter what you’re shipping out, you need to have the right products in your inventory at the right time in order to achieve the fastest possible shipping times. All of our fulfillment centers have the capacity to carry any number of SKUs ready to be picked and packed by our team as soon as an order comes through. Plus, we constantly work with you to ensure that we stay stocked with the right amount of inventory.

Full Service Kitting

We know that many subscription boxes are all about image, so what your customer sees when they get your box is almost as important as what’s inside. Our team is capable of kitting and packaging boxes however you can dream of doing it. Get in touch with us to discuss your idea with us–chances are we can make it happen.

Advantages to Outsourcing Your Fulfillment

Choosing to outsource your fulfillment needs provides your business with a professional, affordable and scalable solution for your subscription box business. Take a look at the top 3 advantages of outsourcing:

Outsourcing with fulfillment experts will ensure your customers have a lasting brand impression — An excellent fulfillment company treats you as a partner, not just a client and views the products as their own. Subscription boxes require accurate and precise assembly that is seamless with your program to ensure your brand is being delivered straight to the customer. The appearance of the package upon delivery and the presentation of the product when opened by the customer all impact their impression of the brand. Leave it to the experts to guarantee it’s a great one! Subscription box fulfillment is not a service that all 3PL’s provide and certainly not one that all do well. This should be left to the experts who have a strong reputation with credible resources in the industry.
Outsourcing lowers your expenses — Fulfilling your orders in-house means you are not only paying for labor costs, but also rent on large commercial spaces. Outsourcing to a subscription box fulfillment expert becomes a single expense, as opposed to a long list of costs associated with operating your own fulfillment operations. You avoid time spent interviewing, hiring and training employees in different positions, when you could be focused on expanding business. Additionally, since the 3PL is already operating out of their own space, you instantly save thousands on rent, utilities, technology and the infrastructure needed to perform daily operations.
Outsourcing means you will never worry about having enough space for storing and receiving product — Because 3PL companies are scalable and grow with your business, you never need to worry about space to meet your growing business needs. TAGG Logistics is your partner for when you require much more space for pallet storage, racks or bins for picking, packing stations for box assembly, as well as shipping technology to ensure your customers receive their subscription box at the same time each month. An experienced 3PL will already be utilizing a warehouse management system for inventory control and order management as well as transportation management systems to route your orders in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. All of this is necessary to achieve the growth needed to obtain success in the subscription box industry.


Contact us for Subscription Box Fulfillment!

The order fulfillment process is quite possibly the most important part of the subscription box business. During the beginning stages, it may make sense to fulfill the orders yourself. However, the more your business grows, the more outsourcing the fulfillment operations makes sense. Being able to save money and allow the fulfillment experts to handle the daily operations gives you the ability to focus on the elements of your business that really deserve your attention.

Here at TAGG, we provide accurate subscription box assembly with a custom packing slip, shipping confirmation, superior customer service, a variety of packing options and quick and cost-effective shipping. If you have questions regarding subscription box fulfillment, please contact us by calling 314-991-1900 today!

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Our list of e-commerce platforms that we are certified to integrate with is always growing. Here is just a partial list of the most popular carts and systems we integrate with:

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