TAGG Adds More Bite to Packing Lists

By November 9, 2011TAGG News

If you manufacture some of America’s best-known oral care products, wouldn’t you take every opportunity to tell the world? And use every product shipment as another way to sell even more? This manufacturer saw its packing lists as a chance to do both.

So imagine its surprise when the current 3PL fulfillment and distribution company said no way. Can’t be done. A customized packing list? That’s asking way more than its Warehouse Management System could handle.

But not TAGG’s. Our new WMS is high-tech and made to do what this manufacturer wants: Be as unique as the products it creates. Add a logo to the packing list? No problem. Customize product and shipping information, based on a wide variety of available data? That’s easy. Create a sales message specifically for the customer? Done deal.

This dental manufacturer opened wide and said, “I want it!” And TAGG became the new 3rd party logistics provider. It’s all part of TAGG Logistics’ commitment to providing healthcare companies with state-of-the-art distribution, fulfillment and logistics services. After all, we’re here to make healthcare better, and we’re doing it one custom packing list at a time.

And that keeps our new dental client smiling.