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TAGG Loves it When a Plan Comes Together – Flawless Fulfillment!

When so much of business, and life, does not go according to plan, sometimes you can’t help but crack a smile when things work perfectly.  With our fulfillment clients, we are constantly testing the process, and recently I went on-line and placed an order with one of our clients.  After filling out all my information on the shopping cart, I placed the order.  Very quickly I received a ‘Thank You’ email with an order confirmation number saying I will get another e-mail when my order ships.  The following morning, there was an ‘Shipping Confirmation’ email again thanking me for my order and saying the order has shipped with the tracking info.  2 days later the package was waiting at my house  – it was fulfilled out of our West Coast warehouse and sent to my home in St. Louis.  So much of the customer’s e-commerce experience happens after the shopping cart check-out.  In fact, many e-commerce experts say that communication and fulfillment after the order is placed is the most important part of customer retention.  When the fulfillment process is flawless, it leaves a lasting impression on the overall experience.  Don’t settle for less than flawless!!!!