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TAGG Now Offers 1-2 Day Delivery to Entire US


With the addition of ABC Fulfillment based near Philadelphia, PA, TAGG now operates fulfillment centers on both coasts and the midwest. This means that we can ship anywhere in the U.S. in just 1-2 days. That’s fulfillment at the speed of now!

The Philadelphia e-commerce and third-party logistics center joins St. Louis and Reno as the third piece of TAGG’s fulfillment and shipping operations. Take a look at the map below to see all of the locations we can reach in as little as 1 day (blue) and 2 days (green):


Beyond easier reach to the East Coast, partnering with ABC also means that TAGG is even better suited to e-commerce specialty needs, such as flash sales and subscription boxes. We still have the same robust integration with all major e-commerce shopping cart systems and still offer exceptionally accurate picking and delivery.

Now more than ever, TAGG means your business everywhere! Contact us nationwide at 1-866-991-TAGG to learn more.