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TAGG Web-Site Recognized as Industry Leader

To our e-commerce fulfillment clients, the web is their store front.  The style of the site, the ease of information, the graphics and images of an internet retailer are equivalent to the displays, decor and employee dress of a brick and mortar store.  TAGG’s presence in the e-fulfillment industry, and our partnership in fulfilling e-commerce orders for our clients, has taught us the importance of developing a web-image.  That is why we were particularly honored to be recognized for our site.

The Targeted Advertising & Marketing (TAM) awards showcase the best B2B advertising, marketing, corporate and professional communications in the industry and honors the companies, agencies and individuals who create them. In 2012, TAGG received the ‘Best Web Site’ TAM award presented by the Business Marketing Alliance (BMA)!  We were honored to receive this award and feel it is a well deserved recognition for our marketing group and web-design firm, Studio 2108.

Everyday, in our warehouses we are fulfilling orders that were placed in shopping carts via the web.  We know the very essence of e-commerce is a good web-site design.  That is the e-fulfillment world TAGG lives in and that is why we were so honored to be recognized with a TAM award!