AMMEX successfully sells across multiple digital marketplaces

ammex corporation tagg logistics 3PL e-commerce case study

AMMEX Corporation is a premier importer and distributor of high-quality disposable gloves and barrier protection products, with offices in the U.S., Philippines, China and Malaysia. “There are literally hundreds of online retailers in our category,” said Bobby Co, Vice President of eCommerce. “Our challenge is to determine where consumers are discovering our brand, and then make it easy for them to engage—wherever they like to shop.”

To help drive digital marketplace growth, AMMEX partners with TAGG Logistics to handle fulfillment services. “We’re not in the business of fulfillment,” Co said. “We examined the cost/benefit ratio of handling fulfillment ourselves, vs. outsourcing. We determined it was best to leverage TAGG’s infrastructure and expertise to fulfill orders fast and right the first time.”

Today, the AMMEX and TAGG collaboration opens new and lucrative sales opportunities across multiple marketplaces. “For example, we wanted to start selling on,” Co said. “TAGG already knows how to do that. They get it.” So why should AMMEX try to reinvent the wheel itself?

“There’s a very specific reason why we chose to work with the TAGG team,” Co said. “TAGG has a robust set of capabilities that we would like to evolve ourselves to use. Our relationship is just getting started—and we see it expanding and taking advantage of TAGG’s broader capabilities.”