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Temperature Controlled Fulfillment

Come in to the cold.

Temperature controlled supply chains are becoming increasingly important in many industries—such as healthcare—as more and more products must be maintained at narrow and precise temperature ranges. These products need to stay refrigerated or frozen not only while stored in the fulfillment center, but also during transit all the way to the customer’s front door.

We get it: even a slight change in temperature can compromise the quality and integrity of your products. And for some products, you could even fall out of regulatory compliance.

Why take the risk? TAGG Logistics will protect your refrigerated and frozen products from warehousing to fulfillment and shipping to delivery. We know you want to be certain your products are in good hands every step of the way—maintaining their required temperature range—and delivered on time and ready to go to work for your customers. That’s why we’re here.

It’s tough out there (but cool in here).

With our temperature-controlled fulfillment centers, you can confidently store and ship products that need to remain refrigerated or frozen. No worries about heat or humidity. No concerns about your temperature requirements falling off our radar. After all, we want your sales numbers to be hot (not your products).

Even better, TAGG Logistics has five temperature-controlled facilities strategically located across the country and close to your customers, wherever they are. We’ll make sure your products get where they need to be in just one to two days. And because we’re everywhere you need us to be, we can lower your shipping costs by shortening the delivery distances between our fulfillment centers and your customers.

Three ways we keep products cool on the road.

Count on our shipping experts to help you develop the most cost-effective way to deliver your products on time, while maintaining the right temperature. Some of the strategies we may recommend include:

  1. Designing the perfect package: For starters, the right insulation—such as rigid polyurethane or polystyrene foam—can help lower the transfer of heat through the container’s walls. Gel coolants and dry ice can also help keep products in the required temperature range.
  2. Expediting shipping methods: When they’re warranted, second-day or overnight delivery options may help ensure your products keep their cool no matter where we need to deliver them.
  3. Calibrating delivery schedules: We can time your shipments so that products aren’t waiting (and thawing) on a loading dock or in the back of a truck. So there’s less chance of shrinkage due to temperature fluctuations.

When the heat is on to keep products cool, TAGG Logistics is ready to help. So you can turn your attention to other critical tasks, such as creating market-leading innovations and growing your sales even more. Contact TAGG Logistics today for custom solutions (without the cold shoulder—you’ll always feel like the priority partner that you are at TAGG).

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