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The Science of Packaging

By April 18, 2014October 6th, 2020Packaging, Third Party Logistics

The art of packing is a clever skill employed by most of us at one time or another (well, we try our best). But when it comes to logistics, packing is the key to being a conscientious provider and giving you the most bang for your buck.

By utilizing smarter packaging practices, more waste can be eliminated from the process, meaning less material ends up in landfills.  Reassessing your packaging practices not only saves space in the initial container, but will cut down on the amount of packaging product you need to order from cardboard boxes to shipper containers.  Additionally, by consuming less material, less waste is expelled into the environment, whether that is in the form of carbon emissions or material refuse.

Additionally, the money that is saved by avoiding over-packaging is substantial. Each box that can be packed more efficiently will result in a more cost-effective shipping strategy. This will in turn reduce the weight of shipments, the amount of containers necessary to transport a certain amount of goods, and the overall cost of the operation.

Packing smartly should never be a goal—it should always be a necessity. With that in mind, always remember to to check and re-check your practices, test them, adjust them, and try again to see if there is a better way.