We Love Logistics Too!

I was thinking about the series of UPS commercials and the current tagline that says ‘We Love (shape of a heart) Logistics.’  Well all of us at TAGG love logistics too, but I’m not sure our logistics is the same as what UPS means.  In fact, the term logistics can mean a lot of different things.  To TAGG, it is all about helping our clients get their product from where it is manufactured to their customers.  Specifically, our services center around outsourced warehousing, fulfillment and distribution.  Other pieces of the term ‘logistics’ refer to transportation.  The first leg is from the manufacturer to our warehouse.  Sometimes this includes intermodal, meaning the product is transported several methods – boat, plain, train and/or truck.  This is primarily used when describing overseas containers.  The last leg of the trip is from our warehouse to our client’s customers.  This can be either freight – shipping on a pallet on a truck, or small package – shipping UPS, FedEX or USPS.

So the broad term logistics can be used by UPS and TAGG but the meaning might be slightly different.  UPS is talking mostly about picking up and delivering a package from point A to point B, and TAGG is talking about warehousing product, picking, packaging and fulfilling orders.  I suppose since we are both teamed up to deliver a product to an end-user, we can both love logistics!

Next time you see a UPS ad about how much they love logistics, think of TAGG too….