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What is Omnichannel Fulfillment?

By March 19, 2015October 15th, 2019Fulfillment, Omnichannel


With all of the change that has been occurring in the retail industry during the last couple of decades, every link in the retail chain has needed to adapt. It starts with online ordering and fulfillment and continues past the supply chain to retailers’ sales processes and marketing messages.

Way back when—which in most cases was only about 20 years ago or fewer—there was only one channel: brick-and-mortar retail. Some retailers had catalog ordering which took place through the mail or over the phone, but that was about as far as it went. Now with the internet and the advent of e-commerce, retailers not only have to compete against retailers in physical stores in their area, but also with an ever-increasing number of regional, national, and worldwide businesses.

What can retailers do?

One of the best approaches to tackle this program is omnichannel: that is, making branding, product offerings, consumer expectations, and even pricing consistent no matter whether a shopper is looking for a product offline or online. And when they are online, consistency must be important through all devices and all sales channels there as well.

Optimizing for omnichannel means developing refined sales funnels in your e-commerce site and making sure user experience as well as marketing and branding messages are accurate and consistent whether a customer accesses your site through their desktop computer, their smartphone, or another device.

What can 3PLs do?

For 3PLs and online order fulfillment specialists, omnichannel fulfillment is a twist on the same concept. Since modern 3PLs have to deliver speed and accuracy above all else, a streamlined approach is absolutely essential. From the time an order is processed until it is picked, packed, labeled, and shipped, consistency and efficiency are key.

At TAGG, omnichannel is our specialty! Contact us if you have any more questions about omnichannel retail and order fulfillment, or if you want to see what TAGG can do for you.