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Over the weekend someone asked me “Why do customers choose TAGG?”  I actually get this question a lot and have a fairly standard answer that starts with “Our clients have decided they want to focus on their core business by outsourcing their e-fulfillment to an expert…” and ends with “TAGG specialized in fulfillment and we can do it faster, better and cheaper than our clients could do it themselves.”

While that usually answers the question, this individual was persistent and pushed on the answer a bit; “TAGG is not the only e-commerce fulfillment company out there right?  Why does a client choose you over the 5 other guys they are looking at?”  Okay, I have had some time to think about the answer and reflect on conversations from existing clients, and I came up with a top 5 list;

5.  TAGG has state-of-the art technology, and our warehouse management system and transportation management system have capabilities typically only available to the largest of companies.

4.  Our shipping rates are low, low, low.  We provide our clients access to rates that  would be far beyond the reach of smaller shippers or if they went it alone.  This is a big one!

3.  We have a simplistic, straight-forward approach.  E-Fulfillment is not rocket science!  Our pricing is simple, our processes are simple and our approach to everything we do is rooted in common sense efficiencies.

2.  Attitude.  We know the only way to be successful is if our clients are successful.  Our client first attitude means we are flexible to our clients needs and we know TAGG is a true partner to our clients.

1.  The TAGG Team!  From the folks in the warehouse, to the Client Service Representatives to the owners, Gary and myself, we are ALL accountable for our clients.  Our clients have outsourced a key part of their business and they know that we take this seriously.  We return calls quickly, answer questions honestly and immediately, if we don’t know the answer we find it and if we make a mistake we fix it.  Finally, if anything is left to question, our clients can call Gary or my mobile phones at anytime!

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why our clients choose TAGG amongst the competition.  As a mid to large e-fulfillment provider, there are many of us with high-level capabilities.  I feel the top reasons have more to do with attitude, approach and personality fit than with capabilities.