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E-commerce Fulfillment for Magento

TAGG’s e-commerce fulfillment services offer complete integration with a variety of different shopping carts including Magento. When determining how data will be exchanged, we will customize the integration solution to fit your specific needs.




Magento is an ecommerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create awesome online stores.Magento currently hosts over 50,000 active online retailers.


The data exchange can happen a number/or combination of ways.

API – Most ecommerce software programs offer an API plug in that will connect directly with the fulfillment company’s warehouse management system (WMS). The WMS is the system that controls all the operations within the warehouse including inventory, pick tickets, shipping, etc.

FTP, via Email – Order files (as a csv, txt, xml etc) can typically be created automatically from a shopping cart program and placed on an FTP site and then imported into TAGG’s WMS. The files can also be emailed. This can be completely automated end to end or may involve some manual file handling depending on how it is set up.

Web Portal – For lower volumes, or specific order categories such as samples, some prefer to enter the orders manually via TAGG’s web portal.