“As a startup company, I knew fairly rapidly that we needed to find a solution for shipping product to our customers. We were growing fast, and orders were piling up. We actually started looking at the cost of a forklift, getting a storage location with a loading dock, putting ads out for experienced warehouse staff… yikes. Then we discovered the word “fulfillment” and found that there were companies that did nothing but shipping, day in and day out. They were experts at it, and removed the need for small but fast-growing companies like ours to have to get into the shipping business.I personally spoke with nine or ten fulfillment centers across the country. I chose TAGG because the pricing was straight forward but also because there was a sense of honesty and pride whenever I spoke to the owners. Brain Toniq has been very happy with TAGG and they have been key to our ability to grow.”

– Scott Ohlgren, True Toniqs