Marketing Giveaways, Product Sample Distribution, Sales Sample Distribution, Literature Fulfillment, Holiday Promotional Gifts, Rebate/Coupon Fulfillment, Product Launches and more…


Promotional Products & Giveaway Items

Promotional Fulfillment for Marketing Firms and Corporations

TAGG Logistics provides fulfillment services to marketing firms and corporations that are looking to promote their brands or business. We will take your product or promotional items and ship them along with literature to your entire mailing list of clients or potential customers. TAGG helps you connect with, and retain, clients and customers. We also help you turn prospects into clients. Our turnkey fulfillment service can assemble and ship thousands of marketing kits each day. Whether you need to send trial products, trade show giveaways, multi-item “kits,” or marketing materials, we provide fulfillment you can count on. Our expert quality control, one-time delivery record and customer service is among the best in the business.


Product Sample Fulfillment

Corporations and manufacturers need both planned and on-demand distribution of new sample products and promotions to their sales teams. Ensure your sales teams, distributors and retailers have the latest samples and marketing materials for your products and services.

We can coordinate product sample fulfillment with launches, ad campaigns, media events and trade shows. In addition to in-house company marketing teams, we routinely work with marketing firms, advertising agencies, brand agencies and PR firms.


Need Short Run Samples?

TAGG Logistics provides fully imprinted short-run digital samples, including poly bags, folding carton and label. We will then fill your branded packages with prototype products for your sales team. These samples can also be used to determine shelf space and familiarize your sales force with your latest product launch. No job is too big or too small for TAGG Logistics. We have the experience and partners to do it right and help you to develop custom solutions to match your particular needs.


Seasonal Promotions

Holiday Business Promotions and Fulfillment

The holiday season is a great time for business promotion. TAGG Logistics helps you connect with and retain clients and customers. We also help you turn prospects into clients. Our turnkey fulfillment services can make a small business feel big and a big business feel downright personal.

Don’t take chances sending your holiday gifts this season. Let TAGG Logistics do everything from assisting you with selection of the right gift, tastefully wrapping it and delivering it on-time. Trust our years of experience and ultra-dependable service! Your promotional gifts will be well received by clients, colleagues, and businesses.


Literature & Collateral Fulfillment

Corporations, catalog companies, manufacturers, restaurants, retailers and just about any business that puts their products on paper needs a fulfillment partner who can work with sales teams, end customers, and managers. It’s a versatile cog in the supply chain that has varied volumes and varied audiences. We know them all.

Let us assist you with your most complicated literature fulfillment programs. From bulk document distribution to complex multi-part literature systems (folders, tabbed documents, assembled binders and contents and much more). Contact us today to learn more.