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1. We integrate your e-commerce cart or order management system with TAGG’s warehouse management system.

2. You ship your inventory to one of TAGG’s fulfillment centers.

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3. Customers place orders on your e-commerce site.

4. Order data is automatically transferred to TAGG’s system.

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5. If multiple point fulfillment is being used, that order is automatically routed to the right fulfillment center—first by zip code, then by inventory availability.

6. TAGG picks, packs and ships your order on the same day it was received.

7. We send a file back to your shopping cart so it can send a shipping confirm e-mail to your client. (Or we can even send this ourselves!)

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8. TAGG offers multiple point fulfillment. With our locations, orders will have a 1-2 day transit time.

9. Your happy customer receives exactly what they ordered!