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Healthy Move – Track Products with the Latest TAGG Technology

By August 21, 2012September 25th, 2023Articles of Interest, Fulfillment, Healthcare

TAGG e-Commerce Fulfillment and Distribution

As you grow your healthcare business and ship more products, tracking becomes a lot more complex. And knowing where your healthcare products and medical devices are at all times is critical for monitoring expiration dates, quality assurance, product recalls and more. So what can you do, to make sure your 3PL distribution resources keep pace with your company’s expansion?

TAGG’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is built to take the burden off your back. Our WMS traces product lot codes and medical device identification numbers. You know instantly and exactly what was shipped, where and when:

  • If there’s a recall, you can tell your customers exactly which locations are affected and how much inventory to pull off the shelves. There’s minimal lost time, effort and frustration, which means happier (and more loyal) customers.
  • If a customer is holding a lot of inventory approaching its expiration date, you can notify the customer and work together to set inventory levels that better match product usage.

You get the idea: There’s more than safety in numbers. There’s intelligence. And choosing a distributor that can trace product lot codes and serial numbers as you grow is one healthy move.