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Location, Location, Location. Missouri Ranks High on DC Location List.

In a recent article from DC Velocity, it named the state of Missouri as one of the best states in the country to run a DC out of.

There were multiple reasons spelled out in the article, but one in particular is that Missouri is in the center of it all.  Not only is the state centrally located, but it also offers a variety transportation options.  Whether that be road, rail, or fly, Missouri has a little bit of everything.   Additionally, the state of Missouri is connected to not one, but two large waterways and both of which can be used an additional means of transportation.

Next on the list  of positive attributes was both the state’s  advantageous tax laws and an experienced workforce that is capable of fulfilling distribution center needs.  The state’s tax laws were designed to create a climate in which companies are capable of spurring economic growth and the  state rewards those businesses for that.  Plus, the workforce that powers the economic growth is as much skilled in labor, as it is large.  Missouri boasts an enormous wealth of skilled laborers that prove to be highly valuable when assessing where to place your next DC.

Lastly, Missouri’s diversified portfolio of businesses allows it to serve  its variety of companies with ease.  This collection cultivates an ideal atmosphere to generate the best possible results by allowing it to accommodate the growing needs of the industry.

Missouri is not just a state in the heartland of America, it could be home to the next DC.