TAGG to Host Fulfillment Technology User Conference

By October 11, 2013TAGG News

TAGG to Host Cadre Technologies 2013 User Conference

Next week we look forward to playing host to a come-together of a variety of fulfillment technologies.  Our warehouse management system (WMS) provider, Cadre Technologies is holding its annual user conference in St. Louis and we have the honor of being the host user.  The conference this year will highlight strides TAGG has made in integrating a variety of fulfillment IT tools, including our transportation management system (TMS) provider ADSI with our WMS. This gives TAGG tools such as least-cost routing, which allows us to take a shipment and automatically determine the best method and rate to ship it – both small package and freight.  Also, TAGG is the first 3PL to fully integrate with SPS Commerce, a leading provider of EDI solutions.  Through this partnership, TAGG will seamlessly generate all necessary shipping label requirements for vendor compliance.  These are requirements most retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Home Depot, etc… put on their vendors.

There is A LOT going on on the technology side here at TAGG.  Our IT Group has been very very busy and we look forward to the get together.