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TAGG’S Approach to Quality

By April 6, 2016September 25th, 2023Articles of Interest, Fulfillment, Healthcare

Quality Management

You work hard every day to ensure your product’s the best on the market.  You invest countless man hours and dollars into the development, testing, marketing and manufacturing.  You understand that superior quality, product integrity and value are crucial to success and simply what your customers demand.

But how confident are you in your product’s quality and integrity once it leaves your manufacturer?  Does your fulfillment center have the components and processes in place to ensure your products continue to meet your organization’s stringent quality standards?  Do they have industry standard best practices implemented?  Are they able to ensure regulatory compliance in the supply chain?

At TAGG Logistics the answer is yes!

In 2014, TAGG made the strategic decision to implement a Quality Management System (QMS).  Our QMS focuses on ensuring our client’s products continue to conform to exacting quality standards and that regulatory compliance is maintained while their product is in the distribution and fulfillment processes.

Quality System Designed by Industry Experts

Our QMS has been designed by our senior leaders who understand fulfillment and distribution requirements, regulatory compliance and client needs.  It is through this development that the frame work of our QMS was established.  Our key processes were identified and our internal goals and strategies were defined.  Knowing our business enabled us to incorporate industry standards and client expectations into the development and design of our QMS.

Knowing Our Effectiveness

A lot of activities go on behind the scenes and are transparent to our clients.  Our quality program continually monitors the FDA, the Code of Federal Regulations and industry best practices to ensure we have the best internal procedures implemented and that we remain regulatory compliant.

Additionally, our internal processes are identified, documented and measured.  Measuring our processes enables us to internally assess the effectiveness and efficiency of each process towards internal objectives. Improvement activities and the implementation of internal best practices are an integral part of managing change here at TAGG.  We self-identify and correct resulting in a reduction of customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

Designed to Meet and Anticipate Our Client’s needs

One of our most effective QMS components is a strong emphasis on customer focus. We strive to identify, implement and monitor our client’s expectations and when possible incorporate those requirements into our QMS. Further, our leadership team is fully committed to sustaining and improving our QMS. It is through them, that purpose and unity are communicated throughout the organization. Our workforce recognizes the importance of meeting and exceeding our customer requirements.

You work hard every day to ensure your product is the best on the market.  We understand the importance of maintaining product safety, quality and integrity through the supply chain, and at TAGG, we are working equally as hard to meet the quality your customers are demanding.

As healthcare fulfillment experts, we strive to improve our technology and operating procedures on a daily basis. The healthcare industry is the largest and fastest growing part of our business and we stand behind our quality management system to help drive that success. Please give us a call at (314) 991-1900 to learn more, or fill out our contact form.