Creative e-Commerce Shipping: Look at Hybrid Shipping Methods

By February 8, 2013November 16th, 2020e-Commerce Fulfillment

The recent USPS announcement to end Saturday delivery reminds us that things are constantly changing in the shipping world.  TAGG’s big three shipping partners; FedEx, UPS and USPS are constantly offering new products and services, and our e-commerce order fulfillment clients need to stay aware of all the options to stay competitive.  Understanding the alternatives and which option best fits each e-commerce site is an important service of your order fulfillment provider.  We continue to see a big trend in hybrid shipping.

A hybrid approach combines the services of the big three – typically FedEx with USPS or UPS with USPS.  For example, Mail Innovations (“MI”) can be a great alternative to First Class Mail.  With MI, UPS picks up your package and delivers it to the USPS – near the destination Post Office.  Then, the mailman makes the final mile delivery to your house.  FedEx’s SmartPost is a similar service, only for larger shipments, and is a competitive alternative to Priority Mail.

These hybrid approaches are great options for e-commerce sites.  At the shopping cart, give your customer the option for ‘free standard shipping’ and use one of these options.  It’s a great way to get a competitive advantage in shipping.