Federal Government Developing New Fuel Standards for Heavy Trucks

By March 24, 2014 Logistics News

The shipping industry is set to take on new ground in fuel efficient freight vehicles.  President Barack Obama has called for partnerships in all areas involved with the mass transportation of goods to aid in improving fuel efficiency, using less oil, and lessening their carbon footprint.

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A proposal by the industry is due March of 2015 to set the new programs in motion.  Ultimately the heavy-duty shipping industry, DOT, and the EPA are aiming for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution.  The integration of technology into the shipping industry has set the wheels of progress rolling within large fleet management.

By running smarter and more efficiently, companies have been able to cut down on their oil consumption and in the process their pollution levels.  By increasing their technological sophistication, the companies have been able to maximize their efforts.  Many issues have to be taken into account, but the creation of this entity is certainly a step in the right direction.

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