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The Future of E-Commerce Retail Depends on Logistics

A recent presentation from Business Insider illuminated the ever growing phenomena of e-commerce.  This manner of shopping is no longer a novelty, but has become a solidified business model.  Brick and mortar giants of old, are fast adapting and closing stores around the country.  But, the one constant that makes e-commerce possible is logistics.

If there is no store to purchase the product from, it must be shipped to the customer and that’s where logistics makes its grand appearance to satisfy the needs of e-commerce fulfillment.  As the world continues to seemingly shrink, the demand for e-commerce in the form of logistics increases.  So when you hop online and do some shopping at your favorite “store,” keep in mind that the backbone of your experience isn’t whether or not the sales associate was kind and courteous to you, but rather how fast that new pair of pumps or fishing arrives at your front door and that’s logistics.

Without logistics, e-commerce would fail to exist and while the industry focuses on how fast e-commerce is growing, it needs to take a step back and see that e-commerce fulfillment strategies are growing and adapting even faster to afford this enormous growth.